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Planning your shower

Where can I hold the baby shower?
Before Baby will bring the party to a venue of your choice, but most opt to take advantage of the fact that you can conduct a Baby Shower in the comfort of your own home, or that of mum-to-be or a family member.

When is the best time to hold the shower?
When mum to be is in the final stages (last three months) of her pregnancy is the ideal time! To be on the safe side, make sure the shower is held at least 6 weeks before her due date.

What time should I hold the shower?
Early afternoon or evening is best for a baby shower, but the time is really up to you and availability. We can offer discounted rates Monday - Thursday afternoon parties.

Who should I invite?
Mum to be, her friends, work colleagues and family. Mixed sex baby showers are also becoming popular - if this is the case we can suggest the best games and packages to suit your guests.

What if we don't know if the baby is a girl or a boy or if mum to be is having twins?
That's fine - the Girls Playground, Spa, Midsummer Tea, or a bespoke package is ideal in this case, and don't forget to tell us when booking so we can ensure the package is personally tailored to suit her.

It's a surprise...how can you help!
Be sure to mention this in your confirmation cards for your guests, and let us know in advance. Then allow us 1.5 hours in the venue before the party to set up. We'll be as discreet as possible when setting up.

How long will the shower last? What's the programme for the event?
This depends on the package, but please do feel free to enquire about this. For most weekend/evening packages, parties will last 2.5-3 hours, and include 45 minutes of games, then  allow 45 minutes for food and half an hour to open presents, if time. you should allow longer for Star and Spa packages as they include a dedicated 15 minute treatment for each guest. If a baby shower exceeds 3 hours party time,  a £50 fee per hour will be charged.

What’s the minimum number of guests?
10 guests 

Who will conduct the games, serve food, set-up and pack away?
A member of our friendly team will arrive to conduct games, serve food and drink, set up and pack away.

Refunds, changes and cancellations

What if I have booked the shower but I want to change the date mum to be gives birth earlier than planned?
Don't worry, as long as we have 15 working days notice, we will be able to move the date to after her birth - a welcome party a few months after the birth will be perfect to welcome the new arrival, however no refunds will be given. If mum-to-be gives birth any closer to the date of the party, we can offer to run the party at a later date but charges will apply for re-arrangement, catering etc.

Can I change or add games, alter packages or menu options?
Of course, we want the shower to be perfect for mum-to-be so we will work with you to accomodate reasonable requests if notice is given, although some amendments may result in price changes. If you have suggestions, ideas or would like a completely bespoke shower, please do contact us.

Some of my confirmed guests cannot attend. Can I get a refund for their places?
Unfortunately no, so please ensure you place accurate numbers when you book. Additional guests can be added up to one week before the event.

What if I need to cancel?
We offer a refund including deposit if the event is cancelled one month before the date of the shower. No refunds are available after this point though we will work with you to change dates or packages offered where possible.

How far in advance should I book?
As early as possible, to ensure the day of your choice is available. We usually need at least 4 weeks notice for the event, and we will only accept full payment in advance for showers with less than 3 weeks notice and will charge an additional fee.

How long do you need to set up?
We need a minimum of 1.5 hours before the time of the party to set up, and 1 hour at the end of the party to tidy up.

What will you need to conduct the event?
We will need a clear area to put up our table for food, as well as enough space for you and your guests to sit, enjoy activities, and conduct the games of your choice.  We will also need access to an electricity plug/supply nearby and running water, and a kettle and ice if requested.

Venue Requirements

Can I hold the shower outdoors?
Yes - however, due to the need for a power generator there will be a surcharge for garden events, but bear in mind that the English weather is not necessarily reliable and we unfortunately cannot offer refunds or changes of date on the basis of weather.

Food and drink

I don't want alcohol included in the shower? Will there be alcohol free options for drinks?
All our standard packages such as mocktails use low alcohol, alcohol free or de-alcholised alternatives which contain less than 0.5% alcohol by volume. You may provide your own Champagne or drinks at no extra cost.

I have guests with specific dietary requirements...
That's fine. All buffets will include vegetarian options as standard, but should you specifically require halal, vegan, gluten free or totally vegetarian options we can cater for this if we are told at least two weeks before the event, however, in order to do this we may occasionally provide an alternative dish to that listed on the menu.

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